Updated: 6 Reasons Why I Buy cabi Clothes Season after Season


Update! Wow – I first wrote this blog post over 6 years ago about why I buy cabi after discovering the cabi brand and falling in love with their clothes. At that time, I was growing my jewelry business and since I loved the way I was able to design jewelry to coordinate with all my clothes, I was hooked. Little did I know that 6 years later, I would still be in love with this company. So much so, that I decided it was time to join their team and become a stylist. As I reviewed this past blogpost, I can honestly say that I still 100% agree with everything I originally wrote and this is the reason I joined the company. I’ve since added a 6th reason – one that I’ve discovered in the few short months since I’ve joined.

After 10 years as a loyal CAbi addict, here are the top 5 reasons why I continue to purchase cabi clothes each season (almost exclusively):

1. Their clothes coordinate very well together – season after season.

This is my number one reason why I buy cabi. I started out buying their clothes about 10 years ago, just a few items here and there while attending shows. I soon learned that the blue pants I purchased at my first party still match cabi clothes I’m buying today. And even better, those blue pants still look brand new, even though they’ve been washed over and over. In spring 2014, they had a coral pair of jeans that I absolutely had to have.  With cabi, I easily justified buying them because I was also able to purchase 4 blouses that matched and I continue to see (and buy) tops that will also wear well with these pants. I love that a color doesn’t go out of style and I am building up my wardrobe over the years.

Update (2021): I’ve now learned that this is very purposely done by cabi. When they select a ‘base’ color, they don’t change it and will use the exact color in their fabrics going forward. The ensures that your outfits will always coordinate and you don’t ever need to repurchase the basics.


2. cabi consultants are experienced.

cabi consultants have to go through specialized training and attend conferences before they are allowed to open for business. Most network marketing companies just sign you up, get their money, and have no concerns how you are selling their products. cabi has stringent rules in place in order to insure their consultants are top-notch. So when you’re shopping with a cabi consultant, you’re getting an experienced fashion consultant that helps you look your best. She knows how the clothes need to fit and what size you should wear. I’ve never had to return a single item yet due to wrong sizing or low quality. Plus, I always learn new ways to coordinate my outfits. She helps put together colors and pieces that you would never have thought of on your own.

Update (2021): Now that I’ve gone through the training, I’m even more impressed! It’s so professional and the training is top-notch. It’s great to belong to a company that invests in its stylists.


3. I hate shopping.

Ugh, I have so many other ways I’d rather spend my day than shopping. There was a time when shopping was fun and I could literally spend the entire day at the mall. Not any more. Plus, wading through piles of clothes, not finding my size when I actually find something I like, waiting for a dressing room, and then wondering where the clothes have been that I’m purchasing have been before – yuck!

If you want to get really grossed out, read this article about how Victoria Secret’s resells returned, dirty underwear:



4. I always have something to wear.

Seriously, I no longer look in my closet and say to myself that I have nothing to wear! What a concept. Truthfully, I now look in my closet and ask myself what do I want to wear today. With less choices (because I finally got rid of the clothes I never wear!), and with all my cabi clothes made to wear together, I have so many more options than I used to have when I would buy separates from different stores at the mall.

5. I actually save money buying cabi.

Because I’m no longer aimlessly walking around the mall, picking up clothes here and there, I save quite a bit of money by purchasing my go-to outfits from one designer. As I mentioned above, the clothes all coordinate so I always have lots to wear for any occasion and I no longer need to run to the store to pick up an outfit for a special occasion (which I always end up with something I don’t really like and never wear twice). Plus, I don’t have to ‘rebuy’ the basics. My black pants still look and fit perfectly several years later.


6. This is a company that support women.

cabi truly gives back to women across the world. They provide support, clothing, and funds to women in developing countries so they can break free from poverty. Just a few ways they provide support throughout the season:

  1. Every season, there is one top that is designated as the ‘heart of cabi’ piece. A portion of the net proceeds from the sale of this item is donated to the Heart of cabi Foundation.
  2. Round your cabi order total up to the nearest dollar to contribute to the education of Rwandan children.
  3. For every item purchased between June 1-30, cabi donates one new garment to a woman in need.

I truly love their style and have always enjoyed shopping with cabi. So much so, I’m now a consultant.  Here is my website to check out yourself: