On 10-16-13, I took the final step to ‘own my life’. It has been a journey that I never would have imagined when I first walked into a craft supply store with $100 in my pocket.

I began making jewelry in 2006 after attending a home jewelry party. I fell in love with all the beautiful designs the artist brought to sell and I wanted it all, but couldn’t justify the $60 – $100 price tags. I left the party and drove straight to a jewelry supply store and went crazy buying supplies. At that point a new hobby was born. Well, as most hobbies go, that lead to more purchases and more money being spent. But, I was hooked!

In 2007, I stumbled upon Etsy while browsing for jewelry ideas and thought it would be fun to sell my own jewelry. My only goal was to sell enough jewelry to keep me in my buying habit, which had seriously gotten out of hand!

When I sold my first piece of jewelry 2 weeks after opening my shop, I knew that this was my future. I found that I loved all aspects of running my own business; from making the jewelry, photographing it, communicating with my customers, and most surprising to me, the sales and marketing of my company.

Our Mission

To honor the present moment, savoring every small joy and celebrating every large achievement alongside our customers.