Necklace Guide: Necklace and Neckline Pairings

Have you ever paired a necklace with an outfit and thought it didn’t quite look right? I know I have. It can be tricky to determine the right way to match your favorite necklaces with the right outfit. Here are a few pointers to take some of that guesswork out.

The Button-down Collar

Since statement necklaces are very ‘in’ right now, the button-down collar necklace is perfect for showcasing these pieces. Even if you like your ‘statement’ necklaces a bit more on the subtle side (that’s how I am), it’s still a perfect match. It adds tons of interest to this plain collar and you can really transform it by wearing a bolder necklace. I love the Chambray button-down shirts that are everywhere this season. Here is a way to dress it up, but still retain a casual look.


Do not pair a turtle neck with a tiny necklace. Instead go with bigger pieces – long chunky necklaces with large pendants work perfect with turtlenecks. They are also great for layering a couple of pieces together. I love this combination of a long pendant necklace with a shorter piece. It’s also a simple and elegant style. This is one of the pairings that helps elongate your neck and gives a slimming look (and who doesn’t want that!).


Shorter necklaces that follows the same v style as your shirt are your best bet. As you can see from the picture below, the pendant is highlighted and becomes the focal point. With v-neck styles, your eye is naturally drawn to the the V, so simpler necklaces that stay within the V space add a great dimension to even a plain basic t-shirt.

The Crew Neck

Surprisingly, this necklace can be toughest to pair with necklaces. Crews tend to be a little more difficult to pair because the neckline does not evenly contour with most necklaces.  One of your best choices will be short necklaces such as necklace ‘collar’ or bib styles.

The Scoop Neck

With a scoop neck, you want to fill in the space with multiple strands of beads or larger scale pendants. A bigger necklace or statement necklace that fills up the space will add interest to your outfit. You don’t want one that’s too high up or there will be too much space between the necklace and the top.  Find a necklace that falls just between your neck and neckline.

Cowl Neck and Scarves

Cowl necks and scarves are busy, dramatic looks. These two styles don’t need a necklace at all, so this is a great opportunity to wear your larger earrings. Large earrings can compete with necklaces, especially statement pieces, so saving them for when you wear busier neckline sweaters and scarves balances this style.

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