Handmade Gifts for The Scorpio In Your Life

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto and is the sign of independence and control. Scorpio girls are happy to be on their own and do not follow others. They are determined and very motivated. They are intense and accomplish anything they put their mind to.

Does that sound like the Scorpio in your life?

Since Scorpios are independent, it stands to reason that they also like gifts that are unique and from the heart, which is why handmade gifts from Etsy are so special. I love sharing all the talented artists that I find while searching through my Etsy feed. Here are some of my Scorpio finds:

Etsy Scorpio Gifts

Theresa Rose Designs October Scorpio Silver Necklace – Starting at $22.00

Stemless Wine Glass – I love this glass from Inner Earth Creations. This custom engraving shop is owned by John and Barb Shaffer from Boston, MA. They personalize weddings, memorials, retirements, and many other special events. They can print on glassware, granite, wood, leather, acrylic, and many other surfaces. They also create a wide variety of beach stone and granite lamps and clocks.
13 oz. Stemless Wine Glass – Starting at $10.00

Folio Creations is owned by Rachel Hershfield and she specializes in whimsical, heart-warming, contemporary, original art prints and posters. She lives in Cornwall, Canada, and has been selling on Etsy since 2012. Folio Creations was born out of her desire to diversify and explore her creative nature. She has been a professional graphic designer for many years, and has operated her own business for 14 years.
You can find her on Instagram at @folioprintboutique
Scorpio Personality Character Traits – Subway Art – Starting at $12.00

LoveByLunaCo is owned by Katie from Los Angeles, California. Her shop specializes in zodiac-inspired apparel, apothecary, & mystical gifts. Besides designing graphic t-shirts, she just launched Mystic Mani crystal-infused nail polish line, designed just for your zodiac sign. Mystic Mani contains micronized crystals in each bottle, allowing you to take their healing effects with you on the go.
You can find her on Instagram at @lovebyluna.co
Scorpio Tee – $30.00

Theresa Rose Designs November Scorpio Gold Necklace – Starting at $22.00

Minimalist Graphic is owned by Alice Atwell. She resides in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and has been selling her art on Etsy since 2016. Her mission is to make decorating your home quicker and more fun than it ever was. Choose a design you love and get your new favorite wall art delivered to your front door without any hassle. Decorating has never been so easy!
You can find her on Instagram at @minimalistgraphic
Scorpio Wall Art – Starting at $15.00 (depending on size and paper finish)

The Mugs Boutique designs mugs for every occasion. Grzegorz Lewandowski opened his shop in 2016 and also has another Etsy shop with minimalistic typography quotes and wall art decors: https://www.etsy.com/shop/ElegantQuotes.
Scorpio Mug – $12.00

Lindsay Lucas Candles is owned by Lindsay Gibson and she’s been selling her handmade soy wax candles and melts from the United Kingdom since 2014.  All of her candles and products are lovingly created in her home studio, made with eco-friendly soy wax. Her portfolio includes highly scented candles in a vast array of colours as well as fragrance free candles all in her own signature vintage style.
You can find her on Instagram at @lindsaylucascandles
Scorpio Candle – Starting at $6.81