Personalized Gift Ideas for December Birthdays

With the holiday craziness coming faster that we can say ho-ho-ho, it’s easy for our loved ones with December birthdays to feel a bit neglected. However, there’s still time to find the perfect personalized gift for your December loved ones that will show them that you haven’t forgotten about them this month. Here are my Etsy finds.

For the Zodiac lover, this personalized mug comes in all the zodiac signs. I love this gift because it’s the type of gift that will always be appreciated – it’s simple, inexpensive, and good for anyone on your list. It also makes a great gift for coworkers. From InkyAndIndigo.  Starting at $21.95

InkyandIndigo Sagittarius Coffe Mug


I met Serena West recently at a women’s conference that I attended. I was immediately drawn to her beautiful paintings. She has the ability to capture people’s true essence, so while she isn’t on Etsy (but I’m trying to talk her into it!), I was so excited to include her in this feature. Her motto is ‘I paint stories that start conversations to empower and connect women’ – how great is that! And how special of a gift is this – a custom painting. See more of Serena’s art on her Website  or Instagram account.

Serenas Fine Art - Custom Painting


I LOVE funny handmade cards and this one definitely spoke to me! As an introvert, I’ve spent many birthdays just wanting to hang out by myself (can anyone else relate!). Check out DryWitCo’s Shop  for a great selection of hilarious cards for every occasion! Cards are priced at $4.50.

DryWitCo - Funny Birthday Card


Did you know December has three official birthstones? Neither did I until just recently. Birthday girls born this month get to choose from Blue Tanzanite, Blue Zircon, and Turquoise – all beautiful blue/green hues and I offer all 3. I also offer a blue zircon colored Swarovski crystal for those that prefer the look of crystal. Shop all my December Birthstone Jewelry.


Theresa Rose Designs December Birthstone Jewelry